Distribution of dark matter annihilation radiation in the most massive dark matter cluster of the Illustris simulation.
Image Credit: Illustris Collaboration

I study the nature of dark matter, developing robust interpretations of astrophysical data sets to verify or refute dark matter explanations for a wide variety of observations. I specialize in the field of dark matter indirect detection, which relies on studying the decay or annihilation products of dark matter into standard model particles. In addition, I am working on new and improved ways of interpreting skymaps via angular power spectra with finite count data, with important implications for understanding the sources of astrophysical neutrinos and gamma-rays, and for interpreting any data sets that rely on sparse counts for cosmological interpretation.

My research interests include astrophysical phenomenology of particle dark matter; dark matter annihilation or decay signatures, including diffuse anisotropy signatures in γ rays or neutrinos; the large-scale and small-scale density distributions of astrophysical dark matter, as well as velocity distributions within dark matter halos.

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