Research Interests

I like using numerical simulations of galaxy formation and evolution, especially at small scales, to learn about the nature of the universe. I'm primarily interested in the nature of dark matter, and in order constrain dark matter models we need to explore how stars and gas can affect dark matter halos.
Currently I am focused on running and analyzing high-resolution cosmological simulations of dwarf and ultrafaint galaxies to explore the role stars, gas and dust play on the smallest scales of galaxy evolution. How does reionization affect the star formation histories of these galaxies? How small can a dark matter halo be and still form a galaxy? Do our simulated galaxies look anything like observed galaxies? Along these lines, I am working to understand and refine how simulation codes treat baryonic physics at these small scales to ensure we are modeling them correctly. I am also interested in simulating larger halos and galaxies to probe cosmological questions, especially with respect to the nature of Dark Matter. If you have questions or would like to collaborate, feel free to contact me