Magellan/IMACS Spectroscopy of the UDS and COSMOS Fields


These webpages are intended to describe and distribute data products collected as part of an ongoing Magellan/IMACS spectroscopic campaign being led by Ben Weiner (Arizona) and Michael Cooper (CGE/UC Irvine). The data span two fields on the sky: the UKIDSS Ultra-Deep Survey Field (UDS, α = 2h 17m, δ = -5° 13') and the COSMOS-UltraVISTA-deep field (α = 10h 00m, δ = +2° 14'). The observations were designed to specifically target the portions of these fields that are being observed as part of CANDELS, an HST multi-cycle treasury program currently underway. For permission to utilize the data presented herein, contact Michael Cooper (m.cooper -at- and Ben Weiner (bjw -at-