The Arizona CDFS Environment Survey


The Arizona CDFS Environment Survey (ACES) is a recently-completed spectroscopic redshift survey of the Extended Chandra Deep Field South (ECDFS, α = 3h 32m, δ = -27° 50') using Magellan/IMACS. The goal of the survey is to create a data set that will allow galaxy environments (i.e., clustering on ~1 Mpc scales) to be measured in one of the most data-rich fields on the sky. This website provides information about the survey and access to the first public data release, including secure redshifts for ~5000 unique sources. While the survey was designed to study the relationships between star formation, morphology, and environment, the ACES data will no doubt be useful for a variety of complementary analyses. For further information regarding ACES, contact Michael Cooper (cooper -at-

We announce the release of a preliminary redshift catalog to the public. The details of the survey and catalog are presented in the recently-published paper, Cooper et al. 2012, MNRAS, 425, 2116. The catalog includes 7277 unique targets, with 5080 secure redshifts. Below, we provide versions of the catalog (as submitted to the journal) in both ASCII and FITS binary table formats:

Redshift Catalog (FITS BINTABLE): zcat.ACES.2012jun04.fits.gz

Redshift Catalog (ASCII TABLE): zcat.ACES.2012jun04.ascii

We also provide a “unique” version of the redshift catalog, which includes one entry per object (i.e., 7277 entries), throwing out observations with lesser redshift quality (Q) values in favor of those with higher Q. This does not always ensure that the observation is truly the best (e.g., the best spectrum or fit). For example, there will be cases where two observations merit a Q = 3, but one has a higher-quality spectrum. The decision of which of these entries to deem as "best" is more or less random in such cases.

Unique Redshift Catalog (FITS BINTABLE): zcat.ACES.2012jun04.uniq.fits.gz