Education & Outreach

California State Summer School for Math & Science

Below are several projects I created for advanced high school students in the California State Summer School for Math and Science (COSMOS) program at UC Irvine. The projects are relatively involved and are designed to be completed in ~30-40 hours. Tarballs containing the materials and teacher instructions for each project are linked through the project titles. Note that with the exception of the M31 rotation curve project, a local installation of the Fermi Science Tools (available for download here) is required. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

UC Irvine Women in Physics

I am active on the organizing committee of UC Irvine's Women in Physics and serve as a graduate mentor for undergraduate majors. Our organization aims to foster a strong sense of community across physicists in various stages of their careers at UCI and to encourage an interest in physical sciences amongst young women at or below the high school level. If you're at UCI, check us out and get involved!

Courses taught (as TA)

  • Physics 132 (Ohio State): Undergraduate introductory E&M
  • Physics 3C, 3LC, 7C, 7LC (UCI): Undergraduate introductory sequence
  • Physics 12A (UCI): Physics of sports
  • Physics 121W : Advanced undergraduate laboratory
  • Physics 211: Graduate classical mechanics
  • Physics 213B: Graduate E&M